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For Students Unlocking Opportunities:
The Benefits Of Applying

Last year, during TSoC 2023, the contributors had a blast. Here are all the perks that they loved during Timechain Summer of Code.

Hands on Experience Hands on Experience

Applying for TSoC not only provides valuable support for your developer journey but also offers hands-on experience in open-source blockchain development.

Industrial Mentors Industrial Mentors

Elevate your learning with TSoC and gain insights from industry mentors. Forge a seamless connection between theory and practice by putting innovative ideas into action.

Amazing Community Amazing Community

Gain exclusive access to a vibrant BSV developer community as a key benefit of joining TSoC. Elevate your skills and collaborate with like-minded innovators

Internship Opportunities Internship Opportunities

Embark on a journey with TSoC and unlock valuable internship experience and certification. Elevate your skills for a future-ready career.


Discover Our Story: Unveiling the Essence of TSOC

Explore our proposal for Timechain Summer of Code (TSoC), strategically cultivating a vibrant BSV developer community in India. Focused on education, mentorship, and open-source projects, TSoC shapes talent aligned with Satoshi's Vision for the Bitcoin blockchain.

Launching its Second Edition, TSoC engages Indian developers early, introducing them to BSV Blockchain Development and ensuring a skilled talent pool for future projects. Our goal is to champion BSV blockchain talent, fostering innovation and growth.

Reflecting on TSoC 2023's success, we've seen a transformative shift in the Indian developer community's engagement with blockchain technology. TSoC's trusted reputation for practical blockchain applications reinforces its reliability across domains


For Open-source Organizations

More code and more code reviews

To foster continuous innovation and contribution our collaborative program ensures extensive development and mentor reviews, refining projects, and enhancing the quality of development.

Guide students on real-world problem solving

Make a lasting impact on the next generation of developers by playing a pivotal role in guiding students through real-world problems. With your industry expertise, mentor emerging talent.

Inspire young students for a career in blockchain

Ignite a passion for blockchain as we offer a unique opportunity to inspire and mentor young students, fostering their interest in a dynamic career in blockchain technology.

Identify and bring in new project contributors

Expand your network and project contributors by identifying and welcoming new talent into your projects with diverse skill sets, allowing your organization to tap into fresh ideas and perspectives.

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Together, we're making education accessible and transformative. Join us in shaping a brighter future!

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What others have to say about TSOC

TSoC is an amazing program for anyone who wants to learn about creating innovative projects from the first step. It really helps you in upskilling yourself.

Riteek Rakesh
Riteek Rakesh

Project Lead, Ultraforms

We developed a Blockchain-based Tic Tac Toe game, and the process was divided into detailed phases: Whitepaper, Design & Development.

We conquered multiple hurdles as first-year students, thanks to the support and invaluable Timechains resources.

Ayush Kumar Jha
Ayush Kumar Jha

Project Lead, Tic Tac Toe

I had the privilege of leading the EUBS project under the mentorship of Santosh. The daily collaborative meetings with fellow teammates honed my technical proficiency and enriched my personal growth. Monthly project review sessions, where I reported progress to founder Rohan Sharan, further nurtured my leadership skills.

Aanya Kumari
Aanya Kumari

Project Lead, EUBS

At TSoC, I've deep-dived into diverse tech tools, including BSV Blockchain, Javascript, Node.js, APIs, and many more.

I researched different plugins that offer ERP solutions for varying businesses.

Kumar Rajeev
Kumar Rajeev

Project Lead, ERP Plugins

TSoC 2023 was a supportive Community and the incredible mentors made sure I was never left out in the vast sea of blockchain concepts.

Their guidance and assistance were my lifebuoys, helping me navigate the complexities.

Anushree Bondia
Anushree Bondia

Contributor, Bitcoin Virtual Machine

TSoC marked my first experience in team-oriented work. During daily standup meetings the entire team would share project updates and progress.

Throughout the program, Rohan sir provided consistent and substantial support.

Misba Bagban
Misba Bagban

Project Lead, Devboard

Our project, Crysta, a Web3 version of Instagram, pushed the boundaries of creativity and blockchain technology.

Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar

Contributor, Crysta

The pinnacle of the TSoC journey was an invitation to the Timechain Citadel in Hyderabad to finalize the project. There, I had the privilege of being guided by the visionary CEO, Rohan Sharan.

Faheemuddin Naseem
Faheemuddin Naseem

Project Lead, Salesforce Plugin

Participating in TSoC gave me a chance to learn technical concepts like token standards and the opportunity to network with the Founder of Timehcain Labs, mentors and teammates.

Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta

Contributor, Bitcoin Token Standard


Top Contributors Get Invited to Citadel!

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Collaborating For Impact: Our Community Partners

Explore our valuable partnerships that drive innovation and shared success in our community.

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Explore answers to common queries about issuing tickets. If you have a question not covered here, feel free to reach out to our support team

Timechain Summer of Code (TSOC) is a 3-month long program that offers students and recent graduates an opportunity to work on open-source projects related to the BSV blockchain. The program is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in blockchain development and mentorship from industry experts. TSOC aims to foster a vibrant developer community in India and promote innovation in blockchain technology.

To participate in the Timechain Summer of Code program, you must be a student or a recent graduate. You must also have a strong interest in blockchain technology and a passion for open-source development. We are looking for motivated individuals who are eager to learn and contribute to the BSV blockchain ecosystem.

No, there is no age limit for participation in TSOC. It is open for all. We are accepting applications from beginners and seasoned developers.

No, there is no registration fee for participating in TSOC. It is free for all. We are accepting applications from beginners and seasoned developers.

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