How TSoC Works

Please read the following set of rules carefully and abide by them throughout the program. Every member of this program is subject to the following "Code of Conduct”.


  • Project Admins own the projects where the contributors are free to contribute in the form of documentation, bug fixes or adding new features.
  • PAs have to routinely connect with mentors to discuss about the progress, proceedings & future vision of the project.
  • PAs are responsible for final reviews, merging PRs, assigning labels, guiding the mentors in the review process & resolving doubts in server.


  • Mentors review the Pull Requests, check for plagiarism, and suggest changes based on the project's Contribution guidelines.
  • They solve queries, debug issues faced by contributors & are responsible for guiding contributors actively throughout the program.


  • Contributors should feel free to ask their doubts within the GSSoC server/Github project repositories.
  • Contributors actively and consistently contribute to the projects after they're assigned to a particular issue by a PA/mentor.
  • The contributors are free to choose & contribute to multiple projects but they need to submit PRs to the assigned issues within the fixed time bar set by the particular project; failing to do so shall result in reassigning of the issue to someone else.

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